Strawberry Wine

JFP_5676 This is my first ever attempt at brewing. I got a Strawberry Wine making kit for my birthday, but there are a few extras you will need to purchase. Many online stores sell kits and equipment, like Amazon.

Here is what you will need:

  • Wine making kit (Young’s Country Definitive Strawberry 900ml)
  • Cleaner/Sterilizer
  • 2 x Demijohn Glass Containers 4.5L
  • Airlock/Rubber Bung
  • Thermometer
  • 450g White Sugar
  • Water
  • Siphon
  • 6 Wine Bottles and corks or plastic stoppers

Note: I will be updating this post as all the necessary steps progress over the next few weeks

JFP_5679The wine kit includes Brewers yeast, Stabiliser, Finings and of course the Strawberry Wine Syrup.

It is very important to sterilise all bottles, measuring jugs and equipment you will be using. Also make sure your hands and the surface you will be working on is clean. This will reduce the risk of bacteria ruining the fermentation process.

JFP_5680After your 4.5L Demijohn Glass Container has been sterilised and rinsed, add the wine syrup into the glass container and add 1.8L of water. I used bottled water for this.

JFP_5734Boil 600ml of water and add in 450g of white sugar. Stir well, until the sugar is dissolved. Add it into the glass container.

JFP_5740Add the yeast

JFP_5748Mix the wine for a few minutes. I did this by swirling the bottle around.

JFP_5773Seal with a bung (rubber cork) and airlock. The airlock needs to be half filled with water. This will allow the carbon dioxide to escape and stop anything from entering the glass container.

JFP_5779Leave the glass container where the temperature is constant between 20C-25C. I left this on the edge of my kitchen counter.
After 3 days remove the bung and airlock and add 2.2L of tepid water. I used bottled water again.

JFP_6949The wine fermented for 19 days before the bubbling stopped. I sterilised a pot and slowly transferred the wine into it.

JFP_6953Unfortunately I did not have a syphon and was left with quite a bit of sediment and muddy wine. I decided to discard this last bit of wine.

JFP_6959JFP_6980Next I used a electric whisk that has been sterilised to remove the carbon and sulphur dioxide gas from the wine. If the carbon dioxide is not removed before bottling the bottles could explode due to the pressure…yikes

I tasted the wine and it was a bit sour with a slight strawberry taste. I decided to desolve 300g of caster sugar in 200ml of warm water and added it to wine.

JFP_6916I also added 30 drops of Uncle Roy’s Strawberry Essence. This improved the flavour immensely.

JFP_6998Sterilise the Glass Container the wine was in and make sure it is properly rinsed. Pour the wine back into the Glass container and add the pack of Stabiliser.
Wine stabiliser stops the fermentation process.

Add the pack of Finings to the wine. Finings help to improve the flavour, colour and clarity of the wine.

JFP_7000Swirl the wine around for about 5 minutes to make sure the stabiliser and fining have been mixed properly. Over the next 24 hours the wine should be swirled around at least 6-8 times for a few minutes. This will help speed up the clearing and release more carbon dioxide.

After 24 hours leave the wine to clear for the next 7-10 days.

In the meantime I will be purchasing a wine de-gasser pump. This will help with the removal of any leftover gas before the wine is finally bottled.

The taste should improve over time and I would like to try and save at least 2 bottles for next year’s birthday! Try….

Note: I will be adding updates with the final results over the next week

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