Strawberry wine: bottling process

JFP_8614After 6 suspenseful weeks the wine is finally ready for bottling!

JFP_8537This is the 4.5l glass demijohn that contained the wine after the fining was added. I attached a vacuum seal that helped to remove the last of the carbon dioxide from the wine. This was left standing for about 12 days.

JFP_8509I sterilized all bottles, corks, siphon and tools for the bottling process.

JFP_8554JFP_8560I used a siphon tube and pump to transfer the wine into bottles.

JFP_8586JFP_8621You can re-use old bottles, in this case I re-used a cherry brandy bottle.

JFP_8628I used a bottle corker to insert the corks. The corks have to be sterilized before you use them. If the corks are dry, they get stuck in the corker.

JFP_8648The sealed bottles. Its important that the corks don’t stick over the rim of the bottle. During the next 24 hours the corks will swell and seal the bottle. Keep the bottles upright for this process and make sure the corks do not touch the wine during this time.

JFP_8655I used a Vinometer to get the approximate alcohol reading. The first reading gave me 13% Abv but two more readings after that settled on about 8%.

JFP_8667The wine had a nice ruby color and most of the cloudiness was removed by the finings.

JFP_8679Not too bad for the first try!

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