Chickpea, sausage and cumin


This is a great dish that does not require many ingredients. Super quick to make and won’t break the bank! Prep time Cooking time Difficulty Servings 15 min 10 min easy 4 You will need the following: 2 large smoked sausages 1 green pepper sliced 1 red pepper sliced 1 large onion sliced 2 cans of chick […]

Poulet Breton

Poulet Breton

I encountered this dish for the first time in Café Rouge and decided to recreate it at home. This has been one of my favourite dishes for the last couple of years, it goes really well with a glass of white wine.   Prep time Cooking time Difficulty Servings 20 min 45 min medium 4 – […]

Tarte Tatin


Tarte Tatin is fairly simple to make. The trickiest part is making the caramel. If you boil the sugar for too long your tart will taste burnt. Prep time Baking time Temperature Difficulty Servings 30 minutes 30 – 35 minutes C 200/ 180C fan medium 6-8 slices Here is what you will need: 200g sugar […]