Tarte Tatin

JFP_2805 Tarte Tatin is fairly simple to make. The trickiest part is making the caramel. If you boil the sugar for too long your tart will taste burnt.

Prep time Baking time Temperature Difficulty Servings
30 minutes 30 – 35 minutes C 200/ 180C fan medium 6-8 slices

Here is what you will need:

  • 200g sugar
  • 50 ml water
  • 3 apples or pears
  • lemon juice
  • puff pastry
  • hazelnuts or almonds
  • vanilla ice cream

JFP_1786The ingredients. JFP_1850Add 200g sugar to a hot pan. JFP_1860Add 50 ml of water. Do not stir, since this will cause crystallization but you can swirl the pan around to mix the sugar and water together. JFP_1895When the sugar starts to boil it might become a bit foamy. The will disappear as it starts to caramelise. JFP_1961Keep a close eye on the sugar as it can burn quite easily.     JFP_1975Once the sugar reaches a bronze colour it is ready to add to the tins. JFP_1989 JFP_2031Leave the caramel to cool down. It will harden very quickly.JFP_2080I added mine to 2 cake tins. I made one apple and one pear Tarte Tatin.JFP_2108 JFP_2323While the caramel cools in the tins, peel and cut your apples or pears into wedges. Remember to de-seed your fruit first.JFP_2126 JFP_2144 JFP_2160
JFP_2209 Add a bit of lemon juice to your fruit to stop it from browning.JFP_2214
JFP_2254Next, arrange your apples in your tin, working from the outside inward. JFP_2270 JFP_2290 Do the same with the pears. JFP_2368JFP_2369JFP_2382Once all the fruit has been added to the tins, bake for 20 minutes at 180C fan assisted or 200C for normal ovens. JFP_2442 JFP_2446 JFP_2407Roll out your puff pastry. JFP_2420Use a rolling pin to stretch out the dough. JFP_2426Divide your puff pastry sheet in half. JFP_2428 JFP_2474 Use an empty tin to cut out a round shape from the dough. JFP_2447 JFP_2452Lay the puff pastry over your baked apples or pears. JFP_2456Tuck in the sides of the pastry.JFP_2490 JFP_2496Do not make any holes in the pastry. This will cause the caramel to boil out and when the tart is flipped over it will be dry. JFP_2596Bake for another 10 minutes on 180C fan assisted or 200C for normal oven.JFP_2667Chop some hazelnuts. This goes well with the apple tart, or use almonds for the pear tart. JFP_2670 JFP_2677 JFP_2681The tart now needs to be flipped. Be careful when doing this since the caramel will still be hot. JFP_2688The best way to do this is to put a plate on top of the tart tin and flip it over quickly.JFP_2702 JFP_2706This should be the final result. JFP_2722All the he caramel has been absorbed into the fruit. JFP_2805Serve hot with vanilla ice cream and nuts. Enjoy!

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